What is Pulse?

Pulse is the epitome of Lifestyle in Sri Lanka! Pulse brings you the latest entertainment and lifestyle news from Sri Lanka & around the world. The elements of Pulse are essentially Sri Lankan to the core, where we are #livingit every single day!

Pulse has several avenues. We run online in the form of a website, YouTube channel, as well as a Facebook page. In case you didn’t know, we now have our very own print magazine as well. In short, if its Lifestyle related, you can find it on Pulse!

How do Pulse’s restaurant reviews work?

Our restaurant reviews are 100% unbiased. On no account do we claim to be qualified food critics; our aim is to simply gain the real experience of a meal at the restaurant, and share our opinions with the rest of Sri Lanka! From ambiance and service to presentation and taste, a Pulse restaurant review covers all grounds!

Do you conduct re-reviews?

Unhappy with our review? Get in touch with us! We will certainly consider popping by for a quick re-review – anonymously, of course! Undoubtedly, however, this will certainly not sway our judgment of the food!

What else does Pulse do?

Pulse generates event coverage, blog posts, research articles, recipes, food reviews, interviews, and videos to keep you informed and abuzz with the latest happenings in Sri Lanka. We review hotels, holiday destinations, books, and all things Lifestyle-oriented within our little island!

What events does Pulse cover?

Pulse exclusively covers lifestyle-related events in Sri Lanka, such as cocktails, gala dinners, and more! Additionally, we specifically do not provide coverage for press conferences.

What types of interviews does Pulse conduct?

Pulse conducts a variety of interesting interview segments! Under ‘Heartbeat of Sri Lanka’ we feature intellectual and simulating interviews with the best entrepreneurs, businessmen, and businesswomen who have conquered the business world of Sri Lanka!

On our segment ‘Anything But with Kumar de Silva’, Pulse conducts brilliant, fun, and informal interviews with Colombo’s most popular celebrities! Guests are handpicked by our team, and we always welcome suggestions or recommendations from the public as well.

Apart from these, Pulse conducts a variety of random interviews based on what’s happening in Colombo and viral content as well!

What are the charges for event coverage?

Pulse does not charge for Lifestyle-related event coverage, generating videos which are then posted on our ‘Weekly Pulse’ and ‘Everything Lifestyle’ segments. For further inquiries regarding our charges, refer to our contact info provided below!

What types of videos does Pulse do?

Apart from interviews, Pulse’s video content is as diverse as it gets! We post event coverage under the ‘Everything Lifestyle’ and ‘Weekly Pulse’ segments, and delicious and detailed recipe videos for you to hone your cooking skills! Check out our ‘Pulse Visits’ section, centered on holiday destinations, along with restaurant reviews, guitar tutorials on ‘Strumming it’, and ‘Be Informed’ videos, which are focused on tackling serious issues within the country and informing the public about the latest happenings in Sri Lanka!

Where can you buy our print magazine?

Our print magazine is available at all leading supermarkets and bookstores across Colombo, and you can even reserve your very own copy online here!

Do we hire fashion design interns?

No. No, we do not. We are a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine and aren’t planning on getting into design anytime soon. Please stop asking us this.

How do we get in touch with you?

It’s simple! You can contact us on shout@pulse.lk or through any of our social media accounts, such as @slpulse on Facebook and pulse_lk on Instagram!